I’m Elise Howard and other than being a Saskatoon born and bred, the main thing about me is that I’m an online gaming obsessive. How some people like to spend their spare time hunting, fishing or playing hockey is how I feel about taking a bit of my down-time to hit various online casinos and blow off a little steam.

My particular interest is in Blackjack. I started playing in actual casinos, which is also fun, but as I don’t get to casinos very often I turned to the online versions to get my fix. I realised that there must be loads of other Canadians in the same situation so I decided to start a website where I can put my knowledge to good use and show others with the same interests as me where they can play. There are so many casinos out there that are unreliable, untrustworthy, or simply not very good and there’s no point wasting time on them when they are places that are really good, safe and secure, and most importantly rewarding. And this is how the site began.

Red Shift Now is dedicated to bringing you the very best online casino reviews for the Canadian market. We’ve scoured the internet for online casinos that cater to your needs and have reviewed them so when it comes to deciding where to play, you don’t have to put in the hard graft yourself – simply read through our reviews and then choose the casino you find most appealing. It’s that simple.

And Blackjack fans should keep a look out for my Blackjack tips and features!