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Now for many people Canada is equated with hockey, plaid and Robin Scherbatsky from the popular TV show ‘How I Met Your Mother’. And we’re not saying these are bad things, or things Canadians can’t be proud of. (Cobie Smulders is a fine example of the great women the country has to offer!) What we at Red Shift Now are saying is that there is so much more to Canada then the traditional stereotypes and us online casino casino games real money nz online pokies .

Toronto, Canada

Canada is a wild and beautiful country with breath taking landscapes ranging from rugged coastlines to majestic mountains covered in forest. There are the dazzling lakes, as clear as glass, and world class cities that offer a quality of living that far surpasses many major cities around the world. Canada is also a country where the diversity of the people is matched only by the diversity of the landscape. It is considered to be “very progressive, diverse and multicultural” with strong European traditions. Canada has mixed very strong British and French flavours with a cultural heritage of its own indigenous people. This melting pot of artistic, musical, literary, culinary, political and social elements merge together to create a very distinct nation united by diversity.



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